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why does no one see me?

all my life i’ve wanted to be seen. and they only times i get seen people just bully me. i turned 21 just a few days ago and everyone knew it was my birthday and no one really cared. the people that i invited to my birthday every year for my birthday party. when i hop on twitter and see people say it’s their birthday they get all the attention and everyone wishes them a happy birthday. i tweeted that it was my birthday 3 times and no one wished me a happy birthday. i want to be seen and work in the TV industry but people on my film course keep forgetting who i am. people who see me forget i exist barely any time after meeting me... i don’t know what to do about this. i’m an extrovert and i put myself out there and still, no one can see me. i just feel like disappearing. 


fyi i didn’t have a party this year for obvious reasons. i also have never had a boyfriend and no one has ever asked me out... i consider myself to be very pretty, not plain , not conventional, and lots of people say i look kinda like winona ryder and dua lipa. i can’t say that my appearance is forgettable or that i’m too average to be seen because that’s not true. 

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    The important thing is to have people who understand you, not see you. Find someone who can allow yourself to be vulnerable with. It's pretty hard being on social media and, in life, there will always be a critic. Do not let people's opinions define who you are. What's important is having that one person who you can be vulnerable with and not expect them to judge you or exclude you for it. It's hard to find someone you can be vulnerable with, but once you do, it is wonderful.

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