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Venus in 11th VS 12th?

What is the difference? I have Sun & Mercury in the 11th, Venus in 12. I relate to Venus in both houses, so what is the real difference?


Venus in Libra and thanks for the answers 

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    The 11th is considered the best house in the chart.  The 12th is the worst. The 11th originally pertained to friends - real friends.  The kind of friends you can confide anything to and know your secrets are safe.  The kind that will drop everything to help you.  The kind that genuinely appreciate you and cheer for your success.

    The 12th used to be called the house of sorrows.  It is also the house of slavery. Somewhat lately it's become the house of "self-undoing."  This last is aimed at people who are slaves to their desires.  I don't do the goody-two-shoes versions of the 12th.

    So where do you want Venus, the planet of conciliation or relationship? Venus in the 12th is a slave to Venus like desires which are usually sexual, but can be a simple love of the material to the point of detriment.  It is also associated with perversion and/or other secret desires.

    Venus in the 11th however is powerful and "grants" solid, healthy friendships that others might even envy. If you can't see Venus in the 12th as I've described, it's because I don't even know what sign Venus is in much less anything else in the chart that might be relevant.  If you want cookbook delineations, you can find them online. 

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    All our birthchart shows is how we will likely be if we do nothing to change or grow. Astrology is only an influence and does not control us .. unless we have little self-awareness of exert no control or choice over ourselves. And astrology is good at helping us focus on what goes on inside of us, so it can be used to promote self-understanding and self-growth.

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