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How has Bluetooth technology advanced?

Can you send a text message from miles away, go online or call someone with Bluetooth on a smartphone? I barely never use this module. I remember 10 years plus ago sending pictures to a device wirelessly using bluetooth.

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    The original idea of Bluetooth (BT) was to connect things like mouse and keyboard to your computer (get rid of wires). The idea was to have a 1 meter (3 ft) range. Of course the range has grown with each new release has helped expand that range (along with adding equipment and functionality)

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    Responses/comments in order:

    More security. Faster throughput.

    Not exactly. BlueTooth is a wireless "personal area network". It was not designed to traverse long distances. By design BlueTooth is limited to about a thirty foot radius between the "host" and peripheral devices.

    I can text someone using my BlueTooth wireless headphones connected to my BlueTooth enabled smartphone... "Siri, message _____", and I can also say, "Hey Google, go to" and my appropriately equipped/connected android device will go your example is a bit flawed...

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