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A silver coin sits on the bottom of a 4m deep pool. A beam of light reflected from the coin makes a 20-degree angle with respect to the ?

water's surface and enters the eye of the observer. Draw a ray from the coin to the observer's eye. Extend this ray, which goes from the water-air vertical line drawn through the coin straight back until it intersects with the vertical line drawn from through the coin. What is the apparent depth of the swimming pool to the observer?

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    Given that , the refractive index of water is 1.33 and refractive index of air is 1.

    The real depth of the swimming pool is 4 m.

    The formula for the calculation of apparent depth is

    Apparent depth =real depth *(refractive index of air/refractive index of other medium)

    Thus apparent depth =4/1.33 =3m

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