Name of the Anime where the heroes and villains lived together and didn’t know it?


The main character was a teenager boy and he could transform into a robot that look like Clank from ratchet and clank

2 Answers

  • Sean
    Lv 5
    1 month ago

    Excel Saga - The low level antagonists live in the same apartment  building

    Nuku Nuku TV - the mother works for Mishima Industries and the father opposes it.  Nuku Nuku Dash has the mother of the boy with the cat girl robot working for Mishima

    Cats Eye - the thieves know the police inspector chasing them socially

  • Sorry but Anime heroes and villains don't wear mask so they will always know who each others are. The armor heroes don't run and hide to transform, they transform on the spots so everyone knows who they are. If you are looking for something like from the Comic Books, then Animes and Mangas don't have it.

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