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Could I sue an ex course leader? ?

She was called Jane Tudor. I basically got kicked out for being upset over a bullying incident from an ex student, getting my phones stolen. Got told I was stressed when others got let off for having snotty behaviour. Got told to return. So I left when I realized the course was useless. Asked for a qualification because I was well behaved. She said yes and I have evidence. I never got anything. So lately I messaged her and she was pretending to be “concerned” and “worrying” but she actually doesn’t care and I told her all the staff were corrupt. Could I sue her for this? Because I paid a lot of money and got told to leave and I don’t want to be in debt for being told to leave over something small. 

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    Get a lawyer consultation. They could tell you better than some random schmucks on Yahoo! Answers.

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    This was when I wasn’t getting any luck on getting my qualification through the door. 

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