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Are we gonna wear masks for the rest of our lives or stop ruining our lives over a virus with a 99% recovery rate?

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    I saw one opinion that said we are going about this all wrong.  We should not be hiding everyone away but opening everything up fully.  Once everyone has been exposed to the virus then it will die out since there is no one left to infect.

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    I feel that...

    We have been fighting with a virus ...

    Which affects - Gets Healed -  We are back to normal

    But still, the world is finding vaccines for self-healing viruses. 

    I do agree that we do need a vaccine for this to control the fear which has come in the mind of the whole world seeing the holistic scenario which is mixed with death and recovery cases within their family or community they have witnessed.

    I believe we are not going to live with our masks but yes will definitely wear it for safety even when we have a normal cold and flu in the future.

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    The issue is the number of ICU beds with ventilators available.  They are what help the serious cases survive.   The mortality rate would be much higher without them.  Also the mortality rate for the elderly is much much higher than 1%. 

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    Children are going to bed hungry because their parents lost their jobs, child abuse, drug abuse, domestic violence, and homelessness sky-rocketing, America is burning to the ground...

    But let's all just ignore those "imaginary" issues. We need to focus on the "real" problems, such as the puny possibility of catching a flu bug.

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    If Biden is elected, as President, then YES - masks for the rest of our lives.

    Vote President Trump!

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    The 'recovery' also comes with permanent heart damage for a significant number of people.  There's also been lung and brain damage associated with it.  

    Stop thinking of it like the normal flu or cold.

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    2 months ago

    In my country we are going to be getting a vaccine, for the covid-19. I saved the URL just as a reference.

    For the time being everyone should be wearing masks. I realize this might inconvenience some people, but it's, for their own good. There might be a lot of countries that might not be getting a vaccine. Wearing a mask, and, or doing social distancing are the best options people have. The survival rate might be high, but what about any damages that the covid-19 would have caused internally?

    I read about the damages that the covid-19 causes. I read that covid-19 damages the heart.

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    We probably won't need masks forever because of COVID.  There is likely to be a vaccine soon.  However, if it becomes clear that wearing masks prevented the spread of the flu as well, then we might keep wearing them for that reason.

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    2 months ago

    I haven't had a cold in a very, very long time.  How exactly is wearing a mask "ruining" my life?

    I'm not at all worried about dying from the common cold, but I sure do appreciate not having one for two weeks.  

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    You gave 2 options which don't together.  Wearing a mask has not ruined anyone's life unless they've chosen to be protest and make a fool of themselves on film.

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