Anybody know the name of this yellow. transistor or circuit on this MacBook Pro? And how to replace and buy a new one?

This is a MacBook Pro early 2011 i5 13 inch laptop.  Notice in the picture the right most yellow part looks “burnt” compared to the other ones. Also, it was very hot to the touch. My MacBook would not turn on and I think this is why.  The part number is Ko 336 16k 113. If you guys could identify this part for me, and let me know how to replace it, that would be awesome!! Thanks

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  • 6 months ago
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    Apple does not release tech details like board diagrams.

    Apple sometimes is the exclusive buyer of some parts that are made just for the Macs

    Even if you could find the part, perhaps it was something else failing that caused the damage you see.

    Best recourse would be a replacement motherboard.

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