Lg tv  keeps turning off then on. ?

So I’ve had an LG for about 4 years not and it started to turn off an on by itself then reading “sports mode deactivated” on the top left corner. I assumed it was the tv being old so I bought a newer one LG as well and it did the same thing it would turn off and on unexpectedly. It wouldn’t do it anywhere else in the house just my room it seems. Any tips. 

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    Check your lighting, 

    especially if you replaced any "bulbs" recently. 

    Both CFLs and LEDs can emit infrared that will interfere with 

    and/or cause misoperation of remote controlled equipment.      

    Also block direct sunlight from reaching the remote receiver in the TV. 



    Another possible cause is the remote --- is the old remote still in the room? 

    Some years ago a friend of mine was given a nice older Pioneer LaserDisc player. 

    It seemed OK otherwise but kept going on and off for no apparent reason 

    until I aimed the remote away from it, then it worked perfectly. 

    The power button on the remote was sticking. 

    I disassembled the remote, cleaned the circuit board and the button pad, 

    put it back together, and it no longer caused any trouble.  

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