Is it worth getting an RDNA card?

Now that the RDNA 2 is on the horizon with Ray Tracing?

Do you think Ray Tracing is worth it or is it all hype?

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  • 1 month ago
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    Both next gen consoles will support ray tracing, so I'd say that it's here to stay. Ray tracing on the RTX 20xx cards was sort of a trial run to see how viable it was.  While performance with ray-tracing enabled tend to take a hit, it did add some nice visuals when implemented correctly.  Supposedly  the new Ampere cards will have much improved ray-tracing performance, and I expect RDNA 2 to take advantage of what AMD has learned with PS5/Xbox Series X development and turn it up for their new cards (where cost and power consumption aren't as important as they are for consoles), and get good ray tracing performance as well.

    I have a GTX 1080 in my gaming PC, it's served me well, but I'm ready to make the jump into 4k and I'm very interested to see if the GTX 3080/3080ti/3090 or AMD's new cards can really deliver a solid 4k gaming experience. 

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