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does anyone else think space is fake?

like the landing on the moon was fake. the stars the whole sky is fake. they just make it look like it’s regular. because if it were really real wouldnt we see asteroids or comets. wouldn’t they land on earth. or something 


the only asteroid i’ve heard about was the dinosaurs... but that was years ago .. i haven’t heard about any recently

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    I worked at NASA for about 15 years. Take my word for it: It's all real.There's no logical reason to believe it's a fake, and there's no credible reason to think such fake claims could be kept from the thousands of reporters, book writers, and people who worked at NASA. If people can reveal the classified data in a classified environment at NSA, as several have, surely you must believe that all of the people who knew about what NASA did would have exposed any false claims.

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    I suggest attending a Trump2020 rally.  You will likely find your answer there.

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     Plenty of people have flew in Space and even went to the Moon

    You might as well ask is The sea eal

  • 2 months ago

    u flatearthers are blind as a 20 mule team in missouri in a snowstorm

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    I pulled into a parking space this morning and it was fake. Does that count?

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    Yes nasa projects a hologram of stars onto the dome

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    And it's always the dumb and lazy school kids that say maths and science is boring. 

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    No.  But I am absolutely certain that YOU are a fake.  You are not even funny., just pathetic.

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    People do think that, but it's obviously incorrect.  One way of demonstrating the reality of outer space is to attach a camera to a balloon which you then fill with hydrogen and send it up.  By the time it reaches equilibrium it will be high enough to show a black sky in daylight and the curvature of the ground, and generally the kind of thing you see in pics from the ISS.  And comets and asteroids do occasionally collide with us, although space is of course very big and empty.

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    2 months ago

    It’s very difficult to distinguish between a troll and someone that is just blindingly stupid.

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    No, nobody thinks space is fake. We do see astroids and comets. I've seen many myself. And astroids and meteors do hit the earth. Just ask the dinosaurs. 

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