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How much would it cost to buy the rights to the John Carter books, at least  the first three?

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    Only the rights owner can quote a price--if rights are even for sale. There's a chance they're gun shy after the Disney failure with Taylor Kitsch and the rights are no available at any price.

    My guess would be in excess of $500,000 for a novel or screenplay.

    Edit: I think whoever holds the rights would have renewed the copyright rather than allowing such a well known work to fall into public domain. You'd have to check this, of course.

  • Lomax
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    6 months ago

    You've missed your chance.

    Edgar Rice Burroughs died in March 1950. In most countries, works enter the public domain seventy years after the author's death - meaning that Burroughs' works have recently entered public domain.

    Just to be difficult, the US has a different system, whereby all works enter public domain 95 years after being written, regardless of how long the author lives. This means that some of Burroughs' works are in public domain and some aren't.

    The first three John Carter novels, which you mention (A Princess of Mars, The Gods of Mars & The Warlord of Mars, or so that nice Mr Google tells me) were published in 1912, 1913 & 1914. They've been in public domain for some time in the US.

    So - there's nothing to buy.

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    A lot more than you could afford. And it would be a waste of money anyway as even if you were legally permitted to appropriate the character, you still wouldn't be able to convince anybody to read anything you write incorporating that material. Let's say to purchase the rights would cost you $100 million, you could probably give 100 people a million dollars in exchange for reading your original garbage instead, so why not just squirrel away $100 million and do that? Count me out though. I wouldn't do it for the entire $100 million. Best of luck and it's nice to see that years later you're still asking about this same nonsense. You've obviously really grown and developed your creative abilities over time, haven't you? Well done. 

  • Guber
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    6 months ago

    Have you asked the John Carter people?

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  • 6 months ago

    Maybe they are not for sale.

  • The rights to do what?

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