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Dorsal Slit Reverse / Sewed back?

hi im a 17 yr old male who was told i was going in for a circumcision when i was 13 but turns out it wasnt really a circumcision but a dorsal slit. Before you guys scream at me, its the norm here to get circumcised, it was only recently that i found out it was a dorsal slit when i looked up why there is a flesh hanging down like hoodie under the head of mine, so im planning on getting it sewed back/reversed? What is the proper term for that and is it practiced? Which kind of doctor should i consult? I really regret how i let people's teasing get to me just so i can have ugly penises like theirs back then. But im still hoping i can fix what ive done cuz i believe circumcision is unnatural and a genital mutilation (When i connect the flaps of the skin on the of my shaft it resembles a non-circumcised penis so im guessing all have to be done is to sew it back?)


So i found out that dorsal slit was used to cure phimosis and its actually common that guys who got it either get circumcision or sew it back together later on, Ill probably get it sewn back once i found a good doctor.

Update 2:

i am from the philippines and things like these are very poorly done. They dont tell you what they are going to do and boys are not educated about the difference between dorsal slit and circumcision. Thats why thousands of filipino guys are insecure of their own genitals because of this, it just doesnt look pretty. I hope we teach these in schools in the future.

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     Instead of making that to the children, they should make him the circumcision and they would avoid this way him that problem of not knowing what they made him was.    

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    What sick bastard approved that? I hope it can be sewn back. Id kill the bastard that did that to me. i believe circumcision is unnatural and a genital mutilation, it should be illegal to do that. Female mutilation is illegal. I wonder if a plastic surgeon can help you. the dorsal slit operation may be reversed by suturing the cut ends together, which restores the tissue to its normal position and recreates the foreskin. If you get it done, let us know how it worked out for you.

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