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Is it possible for an email to go in 'limo' for almost two decades before it ends up arriving at the recipients address ?

is this practically impossible in terms of the science behind smtp and pop and mail servers communicating with each other ?

I ask because I just got an email that was sent to me in June 2002.

I'm kind of creeped out by this though. The person has since passed on, in fact the person passed out over 10 years ago.


in * limbo * sorry.  not limo.

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    I suppose anything is possible.  Some server may have gone down, preventing the sending of the email, and then is rebuilt many years later, with an old database and suddenly the email is there to send again. Creepy, indeed, though.  

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    what is "limo"?

    "passed out"? are they in a coma?

    it's possible they accidentally scheduled the email to be sent at a future date.

    it's also possible the server sending the message had a "hiccup" of some sort that either delayed the message or sent the wrong info.

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