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Which credit card should I add my partner as an authorized user on? ?

If I want to help my partner build their credit and add them as an authorized user on one of them, does it matter which one I put them on? I have several credit cards ranging from credit limits from 300$ to $5,000. I keep all my balances very low except for one of my cards. Does it matter which one i put them on? Thanks in advance 


My partner is financially responsible and has proved that for many years! It’s my idea to add them as an authorized user and they don’t even want to use the card anyway. I just want to know does it actually matter which card I add them onto - in terms of helping their credit score

Update 2:

I called my credit card company and they stated that it does affect their credit score because the card will be reported the credit reporting agencies 😂 so I don’t get the comments saying it doesn’t... Still no adequate answer to my actual question lol 

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  • 1 month ago

    My advice is they should go get a card of their own with only their name on it.   They might have a limit of $1000 but if they use it and pay it off in a timely manner the company will start raising the limit.    If you stick them on your card it will basically only  effect your credit you could be screwed over big time if your partner decides to bail on you.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Adding him/her/they as an authorized user will have ZERO effect on their credit because they have ZERO responsibility to pay the bill.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Have your partner get a discover secured card. That limits your liability while building credit.

  • A
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    1 month ago

    You should help your own credit score, keeping balances low is not as effective as paying them off in full each month.  Carrying a balance of any kind is wasting money on interest/finance charges.   Have your partner get their own card, if they are financially responsible they should have a good enough score to get a card in their name.     If not then they should start with a bank account and a secured card.  NEVER ever put anyone else's name on your accounts.  And pay off your cards

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  • Sandy
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    2 months ago

    not a good idea. give your partner time to prove they can be fiscally responsible on their own first. 

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