Would you move with no job given the circumstances?

I live in an area with not many jobs aside from hospitality paying minimum wage in a resort town. I left a really good job for my now (ex) husband. I could not find any sustainable work here. 

For 3 years I have worked as a substitute teacher. I am paid for the days I work. I worked FT making 150.00 per day. The district just let us know that substitute teachers will be taking a pay cut almost in half at 80.00 per day. The districts “reopening plan” is a mess. All schools will be closed every Monday for virtual leaning. Every Monday parents, teachers, and staff will be notified if the county is in “red”, “yellow”, or “green”Red; high spread of covid all virtual learning Orange: medium spread of covid schools will be full time twice a week Tues and Thurs the rest will be virtual Green: low spread of covid school in session 4 days a week. As a substitute we cannot legally teach virtually. I have enough money to sustain myself for 6 months. I live alone I’m 30 and divorced no kids. I own a home that’s paid off. I’m strongly considering selling my house and moving to an area with more industry. I’ve had several interviews that are (semi-entry level) but as soon as they hear I’m not in the area they aren’t interested at all. Most seem to want to fill positions very quickly (within days) and I can’t get there that fast. It is understandable that most entry level/semi entry level jobs won’t hire me as they can easily get candidates locally.Would you sell and move with no job? 

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  • 2 months ago

    You know ...You asked this question...this EXACT question about 2 weeks ago under a different name.

    If you are a BOT or an AI, your programming is flawed.

    If you just didn't read the previous answers...

    You have 6 months cash saved up.  That is enough to move to a city where there are more jobs rent a place and job search.  Take a temp job as soon as you move so you have a cash flow, and then apply for every job you are qualified for until you get one.

    THIS is a no-brainer.

    Unless you are TRYING to stay in the same town as you ex for some  psychologically questionable reason.

    If you move you will have a better job in 3 months.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Tough call. ...................

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