Rise T asked in Beauty & StyleHair · 2 months ago

Guys a question for you? A simple question, what hairstyles, makeup and fashion style  do you like on girls ? ?

Please don’t say anything about every girl I like with every hairstyle or makeup because it’s very common saying. 

1 Answer

  • All depends on the guy, you ask him about things like that. This is all a personal taste thing when it comes to guys, which I'm not but have had some experience with. Some guys like women / girls to be more dressed up, some like a more casual / natural look. Then there's the guys that care more about who you are on the inside rather then what you look like. There are some guys that don't like girls / women that are too high maintenance, and there's some that couldn't care less about those things. 

    Just be your self, wear what you're comfortable with and what make up / hair styles you like. If you're a casual person then don't make your self uncomfortable by dressing up too much. You will come off as being awkward or trying too hard. If a guy wants you to change your style for himself, then maybe he's not the right guy to be with. You change those things if you want to. 

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