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Please help me decide whether to take the semester off or not?

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------WHY I SHOULD TAKE THE SEMESTER OFF

____________________________________________________________________-Move in started August 1st and there are already 2 confirmed cases on campus (my assigned move-in is today, but I haven't left yet)

-The 2 confirmed students were living in dorms and now their roommates are in quarantine.

-I have no where other than on campus to stay at this point. (I live in a different city than my school)

-My parents and a few of my siblings are higher-risk and I don't want to bring the virus back home when I inevitably come back at the end of the semester.

-Although classes are offered live simulcast, labs are not and all of my courses this semester have labs.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------WHY I SHOULDN'T TAKE THE SEMESTER OFF


-I have only a year and a half left before I graduate and I'd like to graduate soon.

-Some of the Fall courses I have to take will not be offered in the Spring.

-They say it's harder to go back if you take a break

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------If I were to take the semester off, I'd use the time to find housing in the city where my campus is. I'd also stock up on PPE. 


Everything is in order to take or not take the semester. I have all my classes on my schedule, they do not offer virtual labs, however. 

I already spoke to financial aid on what would happen if I took the semester off and there is no issue there. 

Only issues are the ones above. What would you do with these factors?

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    taking semester off is akin to getting off boat to take a swim in mid ocean.

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    Can you be disciplined enough to complete your work online? I suggest getting the degree completed and opting for online courses if you're worried about the virus. 

    (20+ years university professor)

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