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Should I lose weight (eating disorder survivor)?

I’m legitimately very overweight, with a BMI of 45. I don’t want to jeopardize my recovery but I also just don’t feel good in my body - not emotionally, but physically. I have joint pain, get out of breath and sweaty very easily, etc. I also just learned I have fatty liver and elevated liver enzymes, which are treated with weight loss. Am I at a point where I should be thinking about weight loss even as an ED survivor? 

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    Yes, fat people are disgusting.  Lose weight please

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    Talk to your primary care physician and or a psychologist who specializes in eating disorders.  Your health is important.  Clearly, you are not healthy and your current weight is causing health issues.

    Rather than focusing on weight loss directly, these professionals could help you transition to a healthy eating plan that will naturally improve some of your health issues and address why you overeating now. Learning to deal with the emotions that caused your past eating disorder and are now contributing to your overeating would be a very important first step.  

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    You should lose some weight, yes.  

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