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Why is the military paid so poorly?

Our military budget (700+ billion) is by FAR the largest in the world and I've heard money is often wasted on things we don't need. Why don't we budget properly like other nations such as Russia (44 billion) and China (224 billion), then use the excess money to pay the men and women in service?

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    They are not paid poorly.  We essentially have a mercenary military and many join for the pay and all the benefits.    Not like the days of the draft where you got a few hundred bucks a month,  a bed in a barracks,  food in the chow hall and hardly left base for anything.  

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    they get paid A LOT. they just use up their money very fast! like how fuel burns

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    You speak for Yourself I was happy getting paid on a regular basis i have never been Unemployed and Retired at 55 on a Great pension

    In WW2 europe we used to say Americans have only 3 Problems


    Oversexed and Over here

    the Average GI in the UK never fired a shot in Anger from January 1942 to 8 June 1944

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    You only look at the "income," but not "expenses."

    Besides basic pay, the military also pays for additional incentive pays & bonuses (if qualified), housing, basic subsistence, medical, uniforms, life insurance, education,  retirement pays (if qualified), the costs of moving & traveling, and other resources to better your life (Ex: I took a basic financial course that was offered by the Navy. That was how I got started in investing my money when I was 20 years old).  

    Most other jobs will not pay for those extra benefits, especially, not for an entry level position.  

    I am not saying that you are going to be rich by being in the military (one of the reasons why I left), but U.S. Military pays well enough for you to be somewhat comfortable (but keep in mind that different individuals have different spending habits).   

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    Tell me of a job where someone with only a high school education can earn more. 

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    Cause they don't make any products to sell

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    ENTRY level pay is relatively low, but still the highest paying job most 18 years olds can get. Plus since the military provides housing, food, and even uniforms those people can put almost their entire salary in savings and build up a good financial foundation if they choose to do so.

    for people who serve 4-8 years they leave the military with a variety of benefits - some directly from the military and some indirectly based on the perks that many businesses and organizations offer to service personal. They have additional job opportunities and can often get into jobs such as police/fire jobs that are harder for civilians to get into.

    People who make the military a career are going to be promoted to higher ranks which come with higher pay that can support a family with a middle-class lifestyle.

    People who reach 20 years of service can retire with a pension and medical benefits for the rest of their life. For someone who enlists at age 18-20 that means they can retire at age 38-40 and get a pension check every month for the rest of their life.

    I'm not sure where you get the idea that the military doesn't pay well. The entry level pay for a private might be low compared to a full time job but most people do pretty well financially over the course of a military career.

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    Er --the military budgets of Russia and China are so low because they pay their service personnel very poorly .?

    This isn't rocket science .

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    Because our distributors are funny and used to frivolous spending.

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