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Why do people think I can't cook?

Why do they require illegal contests and illegal personality and social media scores like on "Black Mirror"?


Really, I want to throw a party too. The Backstreet Boys won't mind, they have broken so many sets of laws, they could be "Rick and Morty" , if you have seen the cartoon show. So why not? How about you let me try baking, and stop bribing stores, so maybe one may hire me instead of Kim and Miranda and Molly, whom lie and don't need it. I will run my company illegally or legally, I disagree with traditional favorings and unfavorings. I have 5 children, I am starting those companies, DC3 and Jay- Z

Update 2:

...don't need the money and they lied in court and committed perjury as well as Disney studios, Jive Records, Pearlman, Wright, and The Firm Management. All over my waist size, but then you steal my ideas and lie so I CAN'T COPYRIGHT THEM. AND BRIBE JUDGES!

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    You are all over the place, so your 'question' is unanswerable. 

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