In New Jersey, can my employer force me to use PTO and not allow me to work from home after coming back from vacation in a risky COVID area?

I have worked from home already during March, April, and May. Most of my coworkers work from home, so the option to work from home is available. However, my employer is telling me that I must use my PTO for self quarantine (if I do not have enough to cover 2 weeks, I will not get paid), while also stating that because of coming back from a high risk area I cannot work from home based on being high risk. Why are there other employees working from home normally since March and "NOW" I cannot longer work from home when I am ready and willing to perform my tasks on the phone from home or even at the office/field if they need me to take tests to confirm I don't carry the virus. They know I do not have enough PTO to cover 2 weeks. What are my rights as an employee?

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  • 2 months ago

    Of course, and the employer decides where you work from - home or the office, not the employee.

  • 2 months ago

    "Other employees" may be able to work from home.  But it appears that your role is an onsite role since June.  So what others are doing doesn't pertain to you.  Maybe they made you return to work, because they didn't like your performance when you were working from remotely or there is another component of your job that requires you to be onsite.

    If the company doesn't want you to work right now, they don't need to pay you unless there is some other kind of contract in place.

  • Eva
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    2 months ago

    It varies by state, but if you can work from home and have been allowed to do so before, they must allow it especially since other employees are allowed to.  If you've recently come back from vacation to a travel-restricted area and have to self-quarantine, your employer has no requirement to pay you leave time. If you were sent there by your employer, he does have to pay you. Get on your state's Covid information website to find out what is and isn't legal in your state.

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