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Is this really leftist logic?

Leftist: There is almost no voter fraud from mail-in votes. 

Me: Here is a case in Jersey where almost 25% of the ballots weren't counted.

Leftist: Your link shows people trying to beat the system, WHO WERE CAUGHT.

Me: So I should show you cases where voter fraud was never found and that would prove voter fraud occurs?


Yes, Princess really did make this argument. She argued that cases where voter fraud was caught, proves no voter fraud that isn't caught. 

By the same logic, there are no rapists that haven't been convicted of rape. You would have to prove in front of a court that a person is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, to say they are a rapist. OS our system perfectly finds every rapist and convicts them. QED. You buy this logic?

Update 2:

Sorry 19%. How many elections come down to less than a 19% margin?

Update 3:

Oh and thanks for asking politely for a link. I am always happy to provide to people who just ask. Not so happy to provide to idiots who can do a 10 second google search and instead of doing so, insult me.

Update 4:

Mitchell, both parties commit voter fraud. Is your cliam that mail-in fraud is minimal... and that Republicans commit voter fraud with mail-in ballots constantly? Is that your case? You really don't understand how logic works, do you?

Update 5:

Anonymous, you want a secure mail-in system? OK. Voter ID. You get a voter ID when you get ANY ID through the government.  The voter name must match the voter ID number given on the form. Scrub the voter registers yearly for people who have died. Presto. Oh and NO ballot harvesting. NONE. 

Update 6:

Anonymous.. this is why I can't talk to you leftists. You constantly pretend I said something I did not say. First, you don't need to pay for an ID. You need to pay for a driver's license. Second, who said anything about another ID? You can make it a part of the ID you are getting. 

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    I'm sorry, you can't use 'leftist' and 'logic' in the same sentence ...........


    TRUMP 2020 !! ><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><

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    Forget about the talking points. We all know what they are for the right and left side. 

    Our leaders are supposed to follow the will of the people. The very reason we elect them. No one likes to wait 6 hours in line. Polls have closed before all people in line could vote. Physically attending the poll hasn't been perfect. Even during Bush's election years, Florida messed up its count of ballots, multiple times.

    People want to vote, people like the convenience of voting offsite. Why can't our leaders stop using mail-in voting as a political prop but fix the issues they have with offsite voting so it's easier for us to vote? Trump loves Florida's version of mail-in voting. Why not create a list of reccomendations for states to match a standard so that we can do it securely? He's been saying he foresees the problem yet he's taken no preemptive action to let it happen fairly and securely but used this political prop to further divide us.

    Don't get caught up in the political jargon & talking points our toxic media tries to arm their viewers with but hold politicians responsible for not improving the way we vote. There's so many problems and corruption with our voting system that has been there for my entire life. Such as, Gerrymandering should not be a thing.

    If you're thinking in terms of what's wrong with liberal logic? What's wrong with Conservative logic? This is what our media trains us to do. To look at the other side as other. We should hate all of our politicians, not Liberal or Conservative supporters. They're awful, corrupt, they aren't looking out for us; they're really looking out for their own agendas. If you think a single one of them makes all their choices based on what's best for us and not them, you're brainwashed. 

    Conservatives want us to hate Liberal voters and The Left in power wants us to hate voters who supporter the right. Let's not fall into either hand and hold our politicians responsible. If they see the problems with voting, why are they not taking action to fix it while giving us what we want? Political props are issues with sets of talking points to alienate us from our other fellow Americans. 

    We should want speech to lessen the rift. Don't be a fool by bandwagoning and regurgitating talking points. The better way to deal with the talking points of the Right & Left is to acknowledge both. Whether or not the points are fact are irrelevant. Those talking points are concerns and all need to be addressed to acknowledge there are problems and our politicans are using it to manipulate us to keep them in power but not actually working to solve those issues. Can you see how viewing talking points of both the right and left as concerned to be addressed and fixed is a more productive mentality rather than having the fighting mentality that the other side has faulty logic, then go as far as hate the other side? EOD, what's your anger really getting you? To vote? For who? I only see people playing the blame game, B|tching and not solving problems.

    If you hate the Liberal Left or Conservative Right as a group. Your amount of hate reflects the amount our government has succeeded in manipulating you. To say you side with the right or left makes you a sheep. Be your own person and don't join any group to say, this is the group your ideals align with. If you do that, how are you suppose to be your own person by saying I'm Liberal, I'm Republican? There's a 3rd party. The average American person who needs to say stop arguing and start fixing those problems you're b|itching about. It's our politician's jobs to fix our problems, their blame game is a measure of their failure.


    Voter ID is a suggestion. It's mostly a talking point I've heard repetitively from Conservative news & Republican politicians.  People have to pay for that ID. I don't really see why it should cost people money to vote.  We have taxes for that. Any system created needs to account for the worst possible scenario.  The fact that you're suggesting we need another ID on top of our Driver's license, Birth Certificate, Voter Registration, Social Security Card, Passport, State ID etc. I find having to have another ID only to vote is convoluted and another excuse for the state/government to take more money from us. These IDs are expensive and our government would have to pay to make & maintain them. Especially now when people have lost their jobs and our national debt running up, we don't need another useless expenditure when we can solve this problem by not having to spend more money. We need to fix what we have. If during the Great Depression where people didn't have money to feed their families and lived in tents at the park had to pay to vote. In a worst-case scenario pitting a person in a situation, to have chosen between eating and voting is not one I want to create. Voting needs to be easy for a homeless person off the street to do. In America, the opportunity to vote for a homeless person & Jeff Bezos needs to be the same. If people have to pay to vote then you created a problem, keeping homeless people from voting, adding to income inequality.

    This is really a reflection that our database holding the data of our social security information can be improved. There's only one social security number per person. If a person gets their one and only ballot form using their social security number and all the information to verify the social security number that would be the most efficient and cost-effective way to do this. Because the system wouldn't allow for duplication in dispensing voter forms. If a person loses their ballot then, they're out of luck like when we electronically send in our taxes, the programming to submit our taxes won't allow for one social security number to have multiple entries. If you want to talk about dead people voting then we need a system to ask why is the social security administration not keeping their information accurate and keep the social security administration responsible. Social security needs to make sure they aren't sending social security checks to dead people so I don't see why they wouldn't be involved with the security of our votes, unless you wanted another bureau to check & balance the Social Security Administration. Which another bureau involved would add complication but could be something I'm in favor of if it creates more transparency and accuracy.

    Also, every state is managed differently so if a state has corrupt politicians they can set up hurdles in getting this new ID to pick and choose who gets to vote. That creates new problems that can lead to corruption. Be a minimalist and fix our current problems not create news ones where it gives our government yet another chance to scam us.

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    if there is voter fraud in mail in votes im sure republikkklans know all about it. republikkklans mail in votes more than democrats do

  • Susie
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    5 months ago

    “Trained”  libs never let facts get in the way of bashing conservative ideas.  Even many  democrat politicians have said in the past that mail in voting has a much higher chance for fraud.  They have selective memories when it suits their agendas. 

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  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    Do you have a source for that New Jersey claim?

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