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Law School Curve Help?

Need help understanding this curve.

"Due to the special nature of courses with 25 or fewer students that would otherwise be subject to the large course curve and of courses designated as seminars, clinics, or experiential courses, the large course curve does not apply.  In these courses, the mean of the students’ grades must fallbetween 2.8 and 3.8. Ordinarily, individual grades will be distributed across the spectrumof available grades."

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    There is no curve; it states that the large course curve does not apply. 

    [As an example, the mandatory grade curve at Duke Law School is:

    Numerical Grade   Percentage of Class

    4.1-4.3                   0-5%

    3.5-4.0                   20-40%

    3.2-3.4                   30-50%

    2.8-3.1                   20-40%

    2.0-2.7                   0-5%

    The median shall be 3.3.]

    However, the average grade (mean) can't be above 3.8 or below 2.8. Basically, in classes with 25 or fewer students, the professor can't give everyone As (the average grade can't be above 3.8 ) or give everyone Cs (the average grade can't be below a B-). 

    But they could give 20 As and five Bs (which they could not do in the Duke grade curve example; no more than 40% of the grades could be As, and at least 20% has to be a B-). It's likely that in the large course curve, there needs to be a certain number of As, A-s, B+s, etc., or half the grades need to be above/below a certain score.

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