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New hamster hasnt eaten?

Got my new hamster around 24 hours ago, he hasnt drank any water (by what ive seen) and the closest things to him eating was dragging a timothy hay block to his hideaway + having some food on the top of his hide.

Should i worry, how do i get him to drink water?

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  • 2 months ago

    Let him get used to the living space for the first 24 hours and don’t handle him too much let him hide.  He likely will sleep all day and eat and drink at night.  

  • 2 months ago

    You've just plucked him from the only home he's ever known. Give him some time. Many new animals, ALL SPECIES that we can own, can take anywhere from 24 hours to a week or two to get adjusted. He's scared. He's in unfamiliar territory and probably won't eat or drink until he's good and ready. 

    The best think you can do is just leave him be for a few days. Just make sure he has plenty of food, water, spot clean if you need to, and just let him rest and get used to everything. Also, they are nocturnal, so you may not notice him drinking water, but he very well could be. Put him in a quiet place in your home or room and just let him be for a few days. Not all animals are social butterflies, ready to pounce, eat, and are welcoming of their new surroundings. I have one cat that adjusts to something just fine; he springs out of carrier ready to make any place his new home. My other cat? A week under the bed, no coming out, no cuddles, and I have to leave out crunchies for him to make sure he gets something to eat. 

    I've had rats that were jumping on my shoulder within hours of coming home. I've had rats stay in their hides for a few days or a week. My moms dog, when they moved, was a stressed out mess. Her other dog? Jumped right in the new pool, ate, drank, peed, pooed, and slept. Just giving you some examples that all animals have their own little personalities and will come out when they are ready to.

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