Why are dating/relationships a lot harder if you’re not White? ?

Non-white people in Great Britain (particularly anyone who’s Black, mixed, East Asian, South Asian) have to go through more obstacles and work more harder than White people whether it’s dating online, dating in person, modelling, advertising, applying for jobs, auditioning for a certain. 

I’m half Black & half White but I look more Black than White due to inheriting strong amounts of ethnic features, and I struggle to get a female’s attention whether it’s online or in person. I never get approached by them, where my White mates at the time never had a problem. 

I’m not trying to make it out that non-white men can’t get women, it’s very possible however they’d probably have to be at least an 8/10 and as for white guys they only need to be about 4/10. There’s many reasons why I never been in relationship ever in my life or never had sex, this is one of the contributing factors.

For many years I felt ugly, undateable and inadequate because White guys particularly the straight haired baby faced pretty boys.

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    I think it might just be you.   What brand of toothpaste/deodorant do you use?

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