How many known ACTIVE COVID-19 cases are currently in the US?

The graphic in the attached photo shows data as of August 4, 2020. It lists:

"Confirmed cases 4,773,775"

"Deaths 156,874"

Recovered 1,528,979"

If these data are complete, this would mean there are currently 3,087,922 known ACTIVE cases. However, I never hear anyone use this figure. To me, this would be a useful number to use to determine policy. The number of active cases are the number of potential carriers of the virus. I would think that reopening plans should incorporate this into the risk assessment of imposing/lifting restrictions.

So, again, my question is how many active cases are known to be in the US?

Where is the authoritative number for this to be found?


To be clear, I don't know the answer to the question. I am speculating based upon these three data sets, but I am skeptical that the number of actual active cases can be derived from these available data. Because, frankly, if that were true, I feel like we'd be hearing someone referencing it to guide policy (i.e. "We have X number of known active cases in this school district, so we cannot resume in-person classes until the number of active cases falls below Y.")

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  • 5 months ago

    If you knew the answer, why did you ask the question?

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