How do you deal with annoying and deadly baby cousins?

Like mentioned in my first (and most stupid post) I have 2 baby cousins who were raised poor and spoiled, since this was not the case with me when i was a baby, so I had to adapt to "Look Ben, Look It!!" and "VROROOOmmmrmmrmmK" which is a bad impression of a car engine, but there is one thing, there are annoying and DEADLY, the 1 year old yanked the 3 year old off his stool and he got hit head first and both of them kept laying out my Armymen for me to step on so they can laugh and they also keep throwing heavy objects at me like my $300 music keyboard and a SEALED in box Radio Controlled Porsche 911 but most people say that babies are harmless but for me since I am proper and a gifted teen they can destroy a room, break expensive stuff and break my glass body (its not really glass) So did anybody deal with this, does anybody know any way to get rid of deadly people (Note I will be blocking bullies and stupid users)     

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago
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    I'm not sure that your first post was the most stupid.

    You talk to their parents and explain that you are a proper and GIFTED teen (just asking, what is your special gift?) and as for a lock on your bedroom door.

    I do understand that people with glass bodies shouldn't throw stones.

    With your special Gifts, you probably qualify for emancipation.  Go to your local Court, take your proof and apply for emancipation.  Get your own apartment.  Don't invite the deadly cousins.

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    You have previously posted about your mental health issues.  Make an appointment with the Physician who diagnosed those issues and discuss this with him/her.

    What exactly is your gift?

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