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Isabel asked in Arts & HumanitiesBooks & Authors · 6 months ago

Would you find the fictional premise of ghosts on Mars believable in a story?

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  • 6 months ago

    Why would I care, as long as it was a good story?

  • 6 months ago

    No, I wouldn't find that believable.

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    It's been done - The Martian Chronicles, for example, by Ray Bradbury.

  • Elaine
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    6 months ago

    As others have pointed out it depends on the writer's talent.  A talented writer is able to have the reader believe the unbelievable. Ray Bradbury's "Chronicles of Mars" are believable stories even though we know that there is no life on Mars. Burrough's  Mars stories are still popular because they appeal to our imagination.  It's what the writer does with the characters and the plot.  As an example do vampires have to be confined to the blood sucking Dracula or can there be other types of vampires? 

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  • Zac Z
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    6 months ago

    You mean like in that movie called "Ghosts of Mars"?

    I would say the mix of SF and horror is a double-edged sword:

    - On the one hand you'll have hard SF fans that won't like a supernatural element in an SF story - unless you call your story in a way that unmistakably makes it clear that supernatural horror can be expected, in that case it's the reader's own fault, kind of, if they get annoyed. (Like, you shouldn't complain about vampires in a story called "Nosferatu in the Shadow of the Pyramids".)

    - On the other hand the very mix of rational science (fiction) and the supernatural could make the horror even more effective.

    As in almost all cases, it'll depend on the skill of the writer. In the hands of an able writer, this could be an intriguing premise, while it might go horribly wrong with someone less experienced.

    A final word: it goes without saying that there will be a portion of people who will not find a story on Mars believable on principle or be willing to suspend disbelief for a ghost story. (What I mean by the latter is that I, for example, like supernatural stories but don't believe for a second that they are realistic in the real world.)

  • ?
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    6 months ago

    Sure. In fact I just happen to have a copy of it right here....... "The Ghosts of Mars" by Edgar Rice Paddies. I found it underneath the couch. Heaven knows how it got there, but it did and I found it for you. I'll send it on.

  • Lomax
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    6 months ago

    That doesn't matter.

    I don't find the premise of vampires or time travel believable, but I'm happy to read stories about both.

    It's quality of writing that matters, not plausibility.

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