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Can you understand the dogs' languages and behaviors?

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    Yes, I can.  I am a canine behaviorist.  With lots of experience with all kinds & breeds of dogs, along with Animal Behavior, including some human behaviors & body language.  Back in the mid 1980's I went to Aztec School of Caine Training.  Animal behavior hasn't changed much since then.

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    To some extent Yes, and particularly so with my own dog. Not so easily with dogs I have never met before.

    Some body language and behaviours are  very common and easy to decipher but dogs are very unpredictable and its not always that simple  to know just what they might do next. 

    Many people think that because a dogs tail is wagging that it is friendly or happy, which can be far from true. Its the height and speed of the dogs tail combined with ear position and head position and body stance that are the things to watch closely at. 

    Dogs are way more astute at reading OUR body language and behaviour than WE are at reading theirs. 

    Even some dog behaviour experts get bitten by the dog as they fail to read a dog correctly.

    Source(s): GSD owner for 57 years.
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    After how-many years 'with dog' (hound), for sure although each had their own individual behaviours.   I would say it took me a while to read my Whippet after having Bassets for so long.   Once I found the key to her brain, all was well.

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    6 months ago

    Do I understand my dog?  Yes, I do.

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    I have a rough idea of other dogs, but I understand MY dog, yes. Dogs have their basic behaviors, but every dog is different. If you and I were to swap dogs for a day, we'd both be way confused at what the other wants. You wouldn't know that him stretching and pawing at your leg means he wants neck scratches. You wouldn't know the difference between his walk whine and his pee whine. And when he plays with his rope during tug of war, you wouldn't know that when he stops and suddenly side-eyes something, he's trying to trick you into dropping the rope when you look at what he's looking at, then he starts tugging like crazy. Little brat.

    So yeah, they have their basics, but they have their home and people behaviors, too. 

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