Are high-school diplomas actually valuable in America?

In Russia, the only reason why you might want a full high school diploma is if you are planning to go to university. In almost all other cases it is useless. You either show up with a university/college/vocational school diploma if the job you are applying for requires specific qualification (doctor, engineer, electrician etc.); or if the job doesn't require a specific qualification nobody would give a dumb whether you went to high school or not. It is kind of assumed that you did, and even if you didn't it in and of itself doesn't matter. 

     When reading about life in America I often hear about high-school graduation rates and how it is important to get the diploma. What do people mean by that. Doesn't everyone go to high-school in America? (It is free isn't it?) Why would it matter whether or not you have a diploma if you can read and write? What sort of employers would care whether you have the diploma? Given that requiring a high school diploma assumes that the job doesn't require specific training wouldn't all you care about is the ability to read, write and count (which, I assume everyone can do)?


What can you do without a highschool diploma in US? 

Update 2:

Why would an employer care if you have a high-school diploma? 

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  • drip
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    6 months ago
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    Almost all jobs require at least a HS diploma. Students  that drop out of HS can, at any time in life, earn a GED. Which employees and college will accept Instead of a HS diploma. 

    A person may be able to get a labor job in construction, road work, farm work.  Maybe at a very small business, restaurant.   Problem is later in life a probation or new job could require a HS diploma/GED.  

    Dropping out of High school is really looked down upon. Being a drop out means being a loser. It has a negative connotation in society.  

    Many states are raising the age for a student to be able to drop out of school. In my state you legally must attend school until they turn 17. 

  • fcas80
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    6 months ago

    If you are starting work and did not go to college, your employer may ask for evidence that you graduated from high school.  Not everyone graduates, even though it is free.

    There are physical labor jobs that may not require a diploma.

  • Rick
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    6 months ago

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