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Is it a bad thing that i texted my new friend and this happened ?

I went on messenger to message a new friend who never puts her private life online but her account had been deactivated meaning no one could message her rn. But i have her number so not knowing if something had happened to cause her to deactivate i texted her saying 

"i really hope you're ok i tried to message you but couldn't get in touch anymore i feel like something bad has happened but i hope not x"

And she reads it straight after but doesn't reply? I don't understand why she didn't reply even though i was just being nice, does that mean she's not ok? I have anxiety so feel like she didn't want to talk to me specifically

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    4 months ago

    I really don't think you should be taking this personally, it doesn't sound like she's okay at all to me. Suddenly deleting your account is a big thing, especially if she's usually online a lot. If she is then it's clear to me that something has obviously happened to cause it. Deleting messenger to me would imply that at that moment in time, she didn't want to be contacted by anyone, not just you. 

    Read isn't bad, some self centred people insist it means you're being ignored, but that's only because the person in question is not answering you. i don't see it like that at all. To me it is an acknowledgement, a bit like the like button on facebook. It's if she never even bothered to open it, when the problem starts. So don't freak out. She probably cares about you enough to see what you had to say, but didn't have the emotional energy to respond, maybe didn't know what to say. Or maybe she just wanted to show you she was still alive. However you look at it though, she is definitely not okay, and she didn't want a pity party, so she said nothing. Even when she feels better, she will never ever reply to that text. Because she obviously doesn't want anyone to know how she was that day. Have you ever tried asking her how she is before? If she replies, she's okay. If she doesn't she's not. But she might have really really appreciated that text so good on you for sending it! Don't assume the worst. I know anxiety does that to you but don't let it.

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