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Why has the United States not used the atomic bomb in the last 75 years when we did against Japan?

If we used it against Japan and it worked why did we not use it in all the other military conflict we got involved in so we would not have to lose troops in places like Vietnam or Panama or the Persian Gulf War? 

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    Well gee,   after WW II,  when the USA was the only nation that had the bomb,  Truman decided we did not need a big Army and Navy because we could just nuke our enemies from the air.   The USAF got LOTS of money and LOTS of nice shiny new planes.   Then in August 1949 the USSR detonated a nuke and things changed. 

    In June 1950 The USSR gave the go ahead for North Korea to invade South Korea.   They were testing the USA to see if they would actually use a nuke again knowing the other side had a nuke too.   Truman saw the problem and called up hundreds of thousands of WW II veterans and we fought a conventional war.   In 1952 Truman cut and ran and did not seek another term as President even though he could have done it.   Eisenhower becomes president,  settles for a draw in Korea and orders that we keep the Army and Navy so we would not be faced with a war with nukes as the only option.   And that is where we are today.   The other side has nukes so the USA will not be the first to use one knowing it will get them thrown back.   Plus the USA only goes to war with nations that do not have nukes.    (Notice,  no war with Great Britain, France, Russia, China, Israel, India, Pakistan OR North Korea.   They all have nukes.)

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    No one has attacked the U.S. in all out war since WWII. The Japanese really asked for it, they got it in spades. Don't worry though, it will happen sooner or later.

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    Other countries have nuclear weapons now, and would use them on the USA.

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    Churchill King and FDR used both weapons on Japan for 3 reasons

    1 to end the war

    2 to prove they work

    3 to show we would use them if pushed

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    All the "wars" America has been in sence WW2 have been fake. Their only purpose has been to build up the UN.

    Peruse the Gov. doc 7277

    From BING search:

    "On September 25, 1961, President Kennedy unveiled at the United Nations a plan which was subsequently printed as State Department Publication 7277, entitled Freedom From War: The United States Program for General and Complete Disarmament in a Peaceful World."

    Excerpt from the doc.


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