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My sister is very unintelligent, would it be arrogant of me to try to educate her?

She never received a very good education and is part of why she’s never grown up into adulthood. 

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    You can't educate someone who doesn't want to be educated.  Did she ask you to give a class for her?  I doubt it.

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    Your arrogance shows when you "called her unintelligent".  Like you  are an Einstein?

    People are smart in different ways.  Some work with their hands, can cook, invent gadgets, or other.  School education just helps you find out what you are good at.

    . My dad had Grade 8 education and that was it (WW2) so he self taught himself.  He was up there with University students answering questions correctly and faster on "Reach For the Top" His mind was sharp for European history and geography over the world. He did not study math or chemistry or physics or biology or mechanics and computers were new.

    . I was amazed at what he remembered.  U.S, history was not something he paid much attention to.  And he learned English from speaking German transition so he knew 2 languages.

    . So sis may kick your butt on stuff YOU DON'T KNOW.  Yet she is not calling you a dummy.

    Adulthood is different for different people.  My younger brothers will always be my kid brother because I am the oldest.  Though they are all adults.

    Time to change your mindset and stop seeing her as your younger sister.

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