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Hair is clumping, parting away from scalp at the back of my head?

My hair is flown everywhere but the back of the top of my head, it like... clumps together but parts away so it looks like a bald spot even though there’s hair there. If I dry it or even use heat to make it go down how it’s supposed to, it doesn’t work. It looks gross and idk how to fix it. When so shaved my head, it was fine until it was long enough to put into a mini, baby ponytail. A main reason I shaved my head was to fix this spot by restarting but it’s exactly the same. What do I do?


*flowy, not “flown”

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    2 months ago
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    Sounds like you may  have a "cowlick".  I would go to a salon and get some professional advice,  and maybe get your hair cut and create a new style.  You could also use  a flat iron or curling iron and roll your hair towards the spot that looks bare, and that should cover it a bit.

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