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How much do Make Ready Apartment Turnovers Pay?

For example, the place is a filthy wreck. Oil (lead?) paint chipping off walls, every piece of joint tap failed. Blood on kitchen walls (a lot). Cabinets covered in grease and filth. Poop all over the bathroom and other grim. I mean like 90 percent of walls, floor, fixtures, etc. Broken screens. Broken mini-blinds, carpet in LR and BR need to come up. Exterior door rusted and needs replacement. They want it repainted and a kick plate on bottom of outside.

Seems the guy lived alone, mid-90's. Totally lost his mind and ability to take care of himself. He had a long wait to get into a nursing home. While inspecting the property, I found a loaded, bolt action 22 rifle above the double doors of the LR closet. Overlooked. The AC in the rear fell out the 3rd floor window and smashed all over the ground. Has been sitting there for weeks. Such a wreck I couldn't even ballpark what was needed. I said $5,500 unless the pealing paint was lead, then more like $7,500 to remove some loose material and use a $50 per gallon lead encapsulation primer on the whole place, but those weren't firm prices.

The property manager told me he was thinking more like the $800 security deposit they held. I said not a chance. The bathroom was going to be more than $800 after cleaning and repairs.

Who is crazy? Me or him? I'd have $3,000 in material costs once this was all done. He wanted to skip just about everything. How would that nightmare be legal for occupancy?

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    That sounds like a $10,000.00 remodel job at the least.

    The landlord screwed himself by not doing regular inspections.  Things like lead paint should have been fixed LAST CENTURY.

    This is one of those things where you give him another for $12,000.00 and tell him that is just the base charge because you do not know what you will find is wrong with the wall, the electricity, the plumbing.

    The property manager just had no idea that $800. would not cover everything.  That person is basically trying to put a cosmetic front on the thing and hoping to rent it out and them make the new renters pay.

    Walk away.

    Walk away.

    And if you are afraid this guy is going to spray paint the place and rent to young and unsuspecting it to the county (city)  for code violations.

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    I am a property manager and I'll tell you directly; this property manager is talking directly out of their ***. Either they're out of their depth and ignorant, or they're a straight up con artist. $800 wouldn't even cover the tear out/clean up work. Once you start talking about blood and feces, you're into hazardous materials territory.

    As a PM, I've seen a couple of hazmat clean-outs in my career and JUST the clean-outs will typically run around $3000-$4000 (tear out the carpets, cut out moldy drywall, remove blood/bodily fluids, and deep clean everything). After that, there is usually and ADDITIONAL $3000-$6000 in materials/turn labor that needs to be done. That's where you'd do the drywall repairs, painting, carpet replacement, blinds, etc. If anything, you're under charging. Just my advice on this situation? You don't need this job in your life. Guaranteed, this idiot is going to make your life a living hell during the entire turn process. If you get paid, you'll probably have to go to court to get your money. Don't mess with this person. Seek work elsewhere.

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    $800 is not reasonable for that much work.  There are things on that list that he CANNOT pass on & is legally required to fix.  This may be a job you need to pass on.  

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