Are you a fan of the Buick Electra's from the 70's?

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    2 months ago
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    The Buick Electra was one of the full sized automobiles in the early '70's, killed off by rising costs of gasoline.  In the late '80's I got a used 78 Ford LTD, like the one below.

    Truth:  You can go to a good public library, get the Statistical Abstract of the United States and get the raw data for various decades.  You can look up vehicle accidents and deaths.  The rate of deaths per accident was lowest in the '70's.   My LTD weighed 5,000 pounds, had a 460 cid V8, had a heavy box steel frame that dogged to the side of the passenger area.  The doors had steel beams in the doors.  The bumpers were steel beams mounted on six inch long hydraulic rams.  Modern cars had "crush zones."  On the LTD, my "crush zone" was your car.  I trust the laws of physics, which says in a car-car collision, the bigger car gets the smaller hit. See,

    The down side -- the big brute manage to get  7 to 8 MPG in the city, about 11 MPG on the highway.


    They killed off the big passenger cars.  Now people get big four door luxury trucks.  Same usage.

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  • 2 months ago

    No, not at all.

  • 2 months ago

    Never been a fan of giant luxo-boats from any maker.

    The photo is a 1970 model, but is a carryover from the 1965 retool, so it's still a 60s car in design.

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