If objective morality hypothetically comes from a "God" entity, then is something "right" simply because God says so?

Does that not diminish the meaning of good and bad, so that in essence, it becomes meaningless, as God could change what's good and bad on a whim? (An example in the Bible of God changing what's good and bad: Cain murders Abel and gets punished. The Bible states killing is wrong, then God commands Abraham to kill his son).

If God determines the rightness or wrongness of everything, merely by saying so, doesn't that make the entire concept of goodness and morality arbitrary? God commands what's "good" becomes God commands what he commands.

If morality comes from some other place apart from God, then does that not diminish God's omnipotence, since this God entity would need another source aside from itself to derive its morality? Basically, if there is some universal moral standard to adhere to when determining the value of a command, beyond just "God saying so", then that diminishes God's omnipotence because it would make the God bound to a standard outside of itself.


Additionally, this question is meant to be hypothetical and I'm not saying morality definitely comes from some God deity or that a God deity definitely exists. Just trying to see how people would rationalize those two points. Was originally asked in R&S and removed.

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    Nope, there are no gods.

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    Right according to many may not be the way it is.  Genghis Khan made things the way they were.  There was nothing right about it.  And God made Job go through what he went through, nothing right about it at all.  Even when God replaced all that was lost, what made any of it right?  God made things how they were.  Right?  That is a matter of opinion. 

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    1 month ago

    I believe, that if the Unmoved Mover is truly benevolent, he either has a conscience from omniscience (and actually values it) or he pondered deeply on how to treat people with love and without denying them their rights, solely because he was lonely and wanted friends. But however, I am a confused dystheist. So, at times i believe he relied on precognition to develope a false sense of morality based on human values and claimed them to be his own. Like, he is actually sadistic and ruthless, but disguises his evil with what man values. Or, he is an omniscient conscience but does not value the morality itself at all.

    I usually believe he is omnimalevolent and uses his psionic abilities and omnipotence for nihilistic and hedonistic "purposes". Like, he created man to fulfill his violent nature (by torturing him) and manipulates man into believing he is the evil one (simply by playing a video game).

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    Morality does seem to be objective,wherever it comes from.  And it appears "issued" to us, like a hand of cards, in that we discover it rather than create it ourselves.  Calling the source "god" is a departure from what we know and observe into the land of speculation, is all.

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  • Think of god as a math equation with several variables.  The math equation is objective...influenced by no emotion or state of mind.  Yet if you plug in different variables, you have different results.  But all of the results are a product of the same entity.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Unless you are referring to the type of objectivity that is defined according to the consensus of an unbiased majority, objective morality cannot exist. Even if the source of human morality "is a God entity" that a majority of people agree upon, as you suggest it would be morality that is the subjective whim of that entity. It would not be truly objective. If a god is defined as being an all powerful singular entity, by definition a "consensus of one" cannot be objective, it is arbitrary or "subjective". To sum up, all morality is subjective except in the limited sense of there being an unbiased consensus of a majority of people. 

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    1 month ago

    Morality comes from someplace other than god, because god doesn’t exist. 

    Let me walk you through how morality came to be, and why it isn’t based on a deity or a moral majority—even though the belief in the former and the power of the latter can appear to change it. 

    Humans have feelings and emotions. We can feel pain and sadness and anger and joy. All of these are simple chemical reaction that were derived from natural selection in order to survive. From simple thins like pain so we don’t burn ourselves on a hot fire.. to more complex like oxytocin which ensures a family unit of mother, father, and child stay with and support each other during a child’s long growth to adulthood. 

    We have the ability to communicate these feelings and emotions to each other—even today with complex spoken and written languages most of the meaning is conveyed by actions and tones. We also have the ability to recognize these qualities in others (empathy). 

    So while you might say that without god, a majority of Nazis condemning a minority of Jews to death could be considered “good”.. the truth is that not one Jew wanted to be imprisoned, tortured, and killed.  

    That is morality being skewed by another source. It can be religion, power, greed, fear, political ideology, etc. It’s often based on a lie that hurting others will protect those you care about.. and the ability to compartmentalize or de-humanize those you seek to harm is a key figure. 

    So when you come to something like homosexuality is bad because god says so.. you have to look at why. Two consenting adult homosexuals harm absolutely nobody (and honestly, if you are worried about child molesters.. look no further than the church). 

    But from historical contexts.. we can see why it developed. Infant mortality was huge in the Iron Age.. with few surviving past age 5. The power of a nation was based on its population.. people to work, fight, and care for children and elders. Homosexuality is literally counterproductive to this goal. So the leaders invented a method of control that involved the “stick and carrot”. The carrot was freedom from this thing called “sin” and a ticket to heaven.. and the stick was eternal damnation in hell. With very limited education and critical thinking skills, most took the leaders word for it and thus a deity and religion was born. 

    However.. now that wealth and power are no longer based on people (quite the opposite now with food scarcity and social costs), it’s an obsolete concept. So much so that even religious heterosexual couples are no longer having children—which arguably is just as bad as homosexuality. 

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    1 month ago

    Yes and yes............................

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