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My co-worker pushed me and nothing was done?

I was working and my co-worker whos mad I took her man was working with me. I had a container of barbeque wings and was walking into the break room and she pushed me. I told my boss and she said she would look at the cameras, well the cameras were looked at and she told me she couldn't do anything because it looked like an 'accident.' Not from my view it didn't... Anyways I wanna get her fired or something but I can't. Do u think I could take her to court?

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    Yes.  My initial reaction was no, but then I realized you were carrying BBQ wings!  

    First you call the Police and report the assault.  They will review the tape.  The person may or may not be arrested.You then sue for monetary losses such as medical bills.And then you get fired, and that's the end of your career carrying BBQ wings from here to there.

    "He" must be a real catch what with dating two women in fast food and all.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    I would punch the lights out of you not just push you if you took my man. Your boss probably doesn't care you got pushed because you have no morals. 

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    Nope.  Nobody other than you cares.  Move on with your life.  

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    2 months ago

    Take her to court for what? You can't sue her as you have no loses. You could try filing a police report but if your manager thinks ir looked like an accident so will the police and all you will accomplish is to get yourself fired.

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    2 months ago

    Are you brain dead or a glutton for punishment?

    You have an eyewitness that verifies it was an accident. 

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