Gta 5 ceo?

Hi, basically I know not many people use this but I really need help so if you know why please tell me.

Ok so basically In gta it’s saying I’m signed in as a ceo but I’m not, it’s not giving me the extra option on the interaction menu, I never registered as a ceo and so on. Any idea why it’s doing this? I need to know since I really wanna do a joggers glitch since everyone has them and the brown ones are so easy to get but you need to be a ceo and use the ceo interaction menu thing (if that doesn’t make sense I’m sorry Im quite tired and I’m also confused)

I’ve tried everything That I can to fix it such as: obviously restarting gta, looking up videos and nothing helpful coming up, looking online with nothing helpful coming up, messing about with the interaction menu and so on so forth.


Please if you know how to stop this or even why it’s happening please tell me, I can go without joggers but I would still like to register as a real ceo at some point too. 

Thanks 👍🏻

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