Why is plaid so popular in the fall?

I love plaid, I own so much plaid patterned clothing items, but am curious why it's mostly fall or cold weathered items you find this print on. My scarf is plaid. My blazer is plaid. My jacket is plaid. My coat is plaid. What makes plaid so popular during the colder months?? Sorry if that isn't true

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  • 4 months ago
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    I think it might be the association with school. And school starts in September, when it can get cold. This is why some might not want to wear it in summer, cause it reminds them too much of school. In summer many girls prefer happy outfits with flowers on them etc. I do like plaid too but in summer it kinda looks pervy. 

  • 4 months ago

    Plaid, or tartan, is traditionally made out of wool, but now it's mostly flannel that carries this pattern. Both are very warm to wear. We wear warmer clothes in the cooler months, so there you go. And depending on where you are, you don't think of yellow, turquoise blue, or pale pink in the fall and winter, right? You think of rich colors, like deep green and brown. Colors and patterns often reflect the seasons of the year. 

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