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How bad is diet soda for you? Will it cause you to gain weight?

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    The problem of diet soda is that the different types of artificial sweetener (except for saccharin) has not been around for very long. Saccharin has been around since 1879 and contrary to the accusation in the 1980's  that it causes cancer, it has been proven to not be a carcinogen.   But we just do not have any long term data for the other artificial sweeteners. Also, a small percentage of people have adverse reactions to artificial sweeteners ranging from mild headaches to severe migraines, and some have reported other reactions such as stomach pains and diarrhea.

    As to weight gains, diet soda does not cause weight gain in the strictest sense that it contains zero or near zero calories.  However, the various artificial sweeteners are many times more sweet than regular sugar.  Sweetener such as Sucralose is 600 times more sweet than granulated  sugar.  This intense sweet taste can trigger an urge to snack/munch and that could cause people to break their diet.

    If you absolutely positively must have your diet soda, just make sure it is not causing you to snack and munch. It is also better to not have the diet soda everyday.

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    There is absolutely no nutritional value in it, the sugar is bad, the artificial ingredients are bad, and the carbonation is bad. Yes, it can contribute to weight gain, when combined with everything else you consume. 

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    Sucralose, aspartame and other sweeteners which aren't at all natural can cause insulin resistance and/or blood glucose spikes.  There are sodas sweetened with erythritol and/or stevia out there.  

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    do YOU think drinking chemicals is safe ?....not to me .....guv

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