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How to "turn off" bladder at nite?

I DO limit fluids hours before bed.   I also "go" before bed.

Waking up needing to urinate disrupts my sleep.  I have a hard time getting back to sleep, and waking up suddunly out of a deep sleep also flares up my fibromyalgia...  So I lay in pain for several hours after getting up to pee..  Trying to get back to sleep.


Im not even old enough to retire yet..  So this isnt something that comes "with age"   I need to be able to SLEEP so I can WORK.

Im not on any diuretics, or anything that has a diuretic effect

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    Frequent peeing comes with age.  But you can make sure the meds you're taking are not diuretic.  And if you find some are ask your MD to switch to one that does the job without the peeing.

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