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Why do I often forget things I'm supposed to do?

I seem to have a bad memory. Examples are:

1. I go to my room to get my phone. I find my guitar lying in my bed so I clean the strings a bit and put it on the stand. I come out of the room and thought why I went to my room in the first place. I then go back in and looked around for something that will come up to me as to why I went to my room. I caught up a few seconds later.

2. When I was very very young, my father always tell me to buy something from a store on the street. I go there and buy what my dad told me and come back home and get yelled at for not buying what he actually told me, then tells me to go back and replace what I bought. Maybe around 60% of the time that I get asked to buy something, I always forget things.

Just another info not about the topic, but I always seem to forget where I put my keys. I sometimes find them on the table instead of the key hanger thing.

Another info will be, my mother is 53 years old and since she was about 40+ years old, she always forget where her keys are until then. Back in the day she sometimes come in my bedroom to ask me to fix her tech things as such, she comes out and comes back in after a few minutes to look for her keys.

I'm 26 years old, and this has been happening since I'm about maybe 13+ years old


Note: The question is in the title, the description is, well, the description.

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    I used to have that problem of losing things and still do to some extent. I've dealt with the key thing by always emptying my pockets as soon as I get home and putting everything together. I'm not worried about getting locked out because I have one spare key in my wallet and another hidden on my property. I have a long yellow ribbon fastened to my flashlight, which I try to keep in the same place, but I'm not perfect about this. Also, I know the drawer where I keep a lighter and there's always a candle sitting on the mantle of my fireplace. I won't stumble around in the dark if there's a power failure. 

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    That's a long question. What did you ask?

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