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What to get my boyfriend for his birthday?

Hi guys so it’s my bf’s birthday coming up soon and I’d love to suprise him something he’d love on his special day. I have a few things and ideas in mind in which he might like. In terms of a gift between these following things, which one would be best or better? 

1. Creed Aventus Men Fragrance (quite pricey for a fragrance but it smells great, although, do men appreciate fragrance as a gift?)

2. Luxury Men dressing gown (we live in a cold country and he owns one already but with low rough quality material)

3. Designer shoes? (He owns made pairs of trainers and shoes but men can never get of them can they?)

4. Bioluminescent Orb (one that glows up at night which is super cool, he’s into these sort of things but can only live up to a few months)

I wish I could buy it all but my budget says no sob. Any advice or other recommendations would be more than welcome and deeply appreciated! Thanks for reading! 

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    i don know him that well

  • 1 month ago

    Get him the fragrance and cake.

    Later, you should treat him to a bj and foreplay and even intercourse in whatever position he likes. Make it about him 

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