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Thinking about how perfect he is is ruining my life ?

I can’t stop thinking about how perfect my ex-tinder fling became for his current gf.

He puts cute relationship goals pics w/ her as his dp on Facebook and Instagram. He has her initials in his bio with a rose emoji. He deleted all women and stopped liking their photos. He only has 2 pics up (idk what one of them is because his account is on private) but I know one of them is a perfect birthday montage because she did one for him for his birthday later on. 

All her friends think he’s the most perfect boyfriend she’s ever had. Even her work boss only likes him out of everyone else’s bf and heart reacted his perfect FB icon photo of them looking at each other and smiling. There’s a Polaroid photo of the couple and some friends on Sunday birthday picnic and they are the only couple sharing a blanket and holding each other. Her friends bf posted it for his friends birthday and only tagged the bday girl and the couple.

He had so many flaws around me and now he’s become every girls dream. No other guy does this stuff. I feel like I just got unlucky In life and should end it all. There’s no point in living when nothing is ever going to be good enough.  


Her friend even verbally attacked me and stood up for him and told he that “he’s in a loving and committed relationship...sis move on he don’t want you”. 

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