Are there D&D quests without magic and weapons? Like a Downton Abbey quest, or something?

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    1 month ago

    Certainly you could do that.

    "You awake in a strange place. All of your armor and weapons are missing. Magic-users have no spell books and no spells memorized"

    You'd have to exclude clerics and players with cleric-like magic


    have clerics "magically cut off" from their deities (and so unable to cast spells).

    You could take it from there in several ways.

    - the group must solve a mystery

    - the group must find their way "back home"

    - the group is in search of a grand treasure


    Of course the group could manufacture basic weapons from available resources. A club from a a tree limb or other available piece of wood. A sling from a strip of leather and stones. A spear. etc.

    If you did not want any weapons


    you would either have to make the setting devoid of any material that could be turned into a primitive weapon


    you would have to remove any useful need for a weapon.

    I.e. no armed being attacks the party and they would be imprisoned if they rashly attacked other people.

    If you're asking

    "Are there D&D adventures or modules for sale with no magic and no weapons?"

    there are not as far as I know

    but I certainly do not have an encyclopedic knowledge of all published adventures or modules.

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    I haven’t heard of that being a thing, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it exists. You’re encouraged to solve problems in any way that you can think of in dnd and other tabletop games, and that includes nonviolent methods. You’re able to build your character and strengths around convincing your enemies there’s no need for fighting, and while that’s harder to do on monsters it’s still possible. I once had a powerful character whose main move was holding an enemy down and tying up their arms before any attack could land to end the fight as quickly as possible. Anyway I know there are dnd modules where you solve ancient cave puzzles and things like that, so I bet there’s someone who created a just puzzles campaign of dnd before. 

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    1 month ago

    IF you are good as a Dungeon Master, you are allowed to develop according to your imagination.

    But without Weapons and Magic you would need some really like minded players.

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