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Can’t get a girl ?

I am not a terrible looking guy I’d say I’m actually alright looking but I feel like I can’t get a girl to like me and I think why would a girl like me, I don’t feel like I know how to talk to them right it doesn’t feel natural when I do and I can’t get and it’s 1 in 10 I have a proper develop conversation with when trying. What should I do

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    Getting yourself a romantic partner does not and will never determine your worth. You could be the world’s most gorgeous guy and no girl would like you if your personality is shitty. Similarly, you could be an average looking person and still be popular among girls because of your personality. Good looks doesn’t increase your chances at having a girlfriend (well, unless the girl you’re dating is not mature and only falls for guys with looks). All it takes is the right person to come along, the one you know in your heart is THE ONE. Conversations will flow naturally with this person, whether you’re shy or not. Just know that when it doesn’t feel right to talk to someone, when you feel like you’re forcing yourself to be someone you’re not, you’re in the wrong place. In order to be in a relationship, it is advisable to get to know the person first, explore the things that you have in common, and those that you don’t. That’s how a romantic connection develops between people, when they know that they share similar interests with the person they’re starting to like. Don’t push yourself, don’t be hasty and never doubt your worth for not being able to “get a girl”. Chances are, people that you date just for the sake of dating will make you regret your decision later. Focus on yourself, know what qualities you want in your partner. Life isn’t a competition for who gets the most girls. You win if you can land one good person in your life. Search for that.

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    You should have more confidence in yourself, be more open, go without fear and carry on an intelligent conversation.

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