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I need to get a family friend into a nursing home?

I need to get a family friend into a nursing home before it’s too late for him to get help. He is on incilin from being a diabetic, losing lots of weight, no phone to contact and lives 2 hours away with no family, in his late 60s with a 13 year old son, and needs assistance but they won’t take him from home he needs a referral but the hospital keeps sending him home. I have no info on his doctors or anything but I need to get him help. If possible I would like to get him closer to his son in a nursing home there. Anyone have any advice ? All I know is he gets Social Security 

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  • Eva
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    6 months ago

    Does your friend want to go to a nursing home?  Most people don't. It's better to keep them at home with some outside support if at all possible. The hospital wouldn't send him home if he wasn't able to care for himself.  If you want to help him, send him a trac phone or make a call to the office for aging in his area and let them connect with him to determine what assistance he needs. Since you're not a relative there's not much else you can do. If he doesn't follow the protocol to take care of himself, there's nothing much anyone can do.

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    If you think this person is not able to make decisions about his care or the care of his child then you can get Social Services involved.

    They may send a social worker to his home 2 or 3 times a week to check on him.

    They may assign in home nursing care.

    Now you say he lies with his 13 year old son...but you want him to be closer to his son.

    Does he have an older son...someone 18 years old or older?  Is this person able to be a care giver for the younger child?

    You realize that as soon as you put this guy into a nursing home, he will permanently lose custody of the 13 year old.

    Where will that child go? Is there a mother, Aunt, Uncle ...or that older brother?

    What about YOU?

    You put that guy in a nursing home and that child could go to a foster home...probably a group home because he's a teen...if there are no close relatives.

    So, start the ball rolling by finding other relatives and seeing what can be networked between family and friends.

    If you can do nothing that way, then social services is best.  It would not be good for that boy to watch his father die and then have to walk 2 miles to get help.

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    [Insulin]  Fathered a child in his mid-fifties (... possible; but where is the child's mother ??) HE is the one that needs to talk to his doctor. {My dad did not need a referral.} Maybe he wants to die. {Sad, but often true.}

  • Judith
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    6 months ago

    So find out who his doctor is - it is his doctor who needs to make the referral.  And just what is going to happen to his son?

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  • 6 months ago

    You need to convince him that he should move into a nursing home or assisted care home.  If he refuses, then there is nothing you or anyone else can do about it.  A doctor/hospital can recommend that he go into a care home but it is not their job to put people there.  It's a free country.  It is his responsibility, not a doctor's.  Most people who go there like to research the various ones available and choose one.  If they are incapable, usually an adult child does it.  Since he does not have an adult child who can do it, the 13 year old should be able to do it, but then who would look after the 13 year old?  He has responsibilities, and it sounds like he knows it.  He likely knows that he does not need a care home.  Diabetes and losing weight does not mean he needs a nursing home.  He can hire help, hire a nurse to come in once a day, once a week, as often as needed.  If he is dirt poor, then he gets what he can afford.  Why doesn't his kid help him?  An 8 year old should be able to help with most things.  Closer to his son?  Are you saying the 13 year old lives alone?  How can he afford to do that when the father cannot even hire nursing help?

  • 6 months ago

    Hospitals don't send people home by themselves, if they need to be in a nursing home.  They send the person to the nursing home.

    If you think he needs to move closer to you, then suggest that.

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