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low income housing question?

im trying to get a low income apartment but my dad says we can’t since my mom is getting her papers, she was supposed to become legal a few months ago but she was taking some antidepressants due to her depression and her flight was cancelled so we had to wait for a new appointment but corona came along and yk. we want to get a low income apartment so I could go to a new art school but it’s not in my area but my dad says we can’t because my mom is getting her papers currently and we can’t receive anything from the government. Can anyone please confirm or deny this? Please.

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    in the US?  why do you need to be a deadbeat???????if you can afford housing, taxpayers shouldn't be paying your bills for you.  if your family wants to move, find something you can afford...the income from 3 adults who are required to work would likely put you over the income limit for a low income apartment...

    and there are usually long wait lists if you can even get on.....AND for some programs you cannot apply in an area you don't currently live.

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    You first need to clarify what you are talking about.  I'm not sure whether you want just low income housing or subsidized housing, which is low income with a government benefit.  If you want the former, you can get it any time, where ever you can find it.  If you want the latter, waiting lists are 3 to 13 years long and many states have put a stop to adding to the already very long waiting list.  That said, since your mother has applied for a green card, she is likely sponsored by your dad, which means you won't qualify. So if you can't afford an apartment on your own, then your choices are to live with your dad (& mom when she arrives), get a job or preferably both. If that was a little convoluted to understand, your father is right.  You won't qualify, and either would he or your mom. 

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    Have your Dad call the Housing Authority and speak to a case worker. I dont know which program you applied for.

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